48V 30Ah -Vmaxpower long service life M-LFPLiFePO4 Lithium battery

Lithium-ion batteries could provide power to outdoor base stations, communications equipment room, etc., preventing power outages to delay the project.  

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Guangdong, China
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M-LFP48V 30Ah
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Lithium Battery 48V 30Ah battery pack
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lithium battery
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Vmaxpwer solar battery 48V 30AH Lithium type Feature 1. Under normal conditions, using lithium iron phosphate battery technology, with excellent safety, thousands of cycles, 100% DOD. 2. Built-in automatic protection function to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, over-current and overheating. 3. Maintenance free. 4. Internal battery balance. 5. Light weight: about 40%~50% of the weight of lead-acid batteries. 6. Can be charged using most standard lead acid charge (set). 7. Wide temperature range: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C. 8. Support for series application extensions (up to 51.2V) and two parallels. 9. Energy storage system solar power generation meets daily needs.

During the charging process, it is forbidden to directly contact the positive and negative terminals with conductive objects.

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Reliable quality
Long cycle time
Higher power
Lighter weight
Super safety
Environment friendly
• Wheelchair
Model Rated Capacity(Ah) Rated Voltage(V) Dimensions(mm) Weight(kg) Terminal Type
M-LFP48V10Ah 10 48 442*285*44 8 DSTBB-2-2-M6
M-LFP48V20Ah 20 49 442*300*88 13 DSTBB-2-2-M6
M-LFP48V30Ah 30 50 442*380*88 23 DSTBB-2-2-M6
M-LFP48V40Ah 40 51 442*430*88 25 DSTBB-2-2-M6
M-LFP48V50Ah 50 52 442*440*135 31 DSTBB-2-2-M6
M-LFP48V80Ah 80 53 442*480*177 42 DSTBB-2-2-M6
M-LFP48V100Ah 100 54 442*480*177 44 DSTBB-2-2-M6
M-LFP48V200Ah 200 55 638*480*220 82 DSTBB-2-2-M6
 • Emergency lighting• Military Equipment• Medical Devices• Emergency Power System• Marine Equipment• Solar and wind Power Plants• Telecommunications   system

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