Inverter & charger Power frequency sine wave 500W-8000W Power Sun Series

Inverter is suitable for electric power, communication system, used for computer equipment, DCS, security devices to provide reliable power supply, it can also be used as substation emergency lighting power supply.  

Products Details

USB Output and Mobile charge ●High Efficiency/Energy Saving ●Low self-Consumption below 1.2A.It can reach zero at energy saving mode. ●Make sure the load capacity is above 200W.or the inverter can not be restarted automatically ●Leading energy saving technology ●With the AVR function.AC voltage fluctuated is within +-5% ●Pure sine wave ●Extreme overload capacity and super load capacity ●Working Appliance:Air-conditioners.refrigerators.water and other household appliances and office appliances etc. ●Durable. LF transformer technology is suitable for the poor working conditions or where the grid power is not stable ●LCD display /Digitized Display optional ●DC reverse polarity protection●CPU Technology control ●Big Charging current. up to 70Amp. ●LCD display /Digitized Display optional:Grid powe.battery.AC output.Fault.Saving. ●Low voltage.Charging. ●Charging curren.Battery capacity. ●Intelligent battery management for maximum battery life ●Automatically switch between the grid and inverter mode ●Transfer time is below 4 ms if the grid power are cut off 220V/110V AC 50/60Hz is optional ●It can work with the generator ●Intelligent fan control mode.The fan work at Temperature ≥30℃.the inverter will protect by itself at temperature ≥100℃For shopping malls, medical institutions, construction sites, wasteland, etc., 3000W~8000W off-grid photovoltaic systems should be selected according to the load. If you need an inverter with a power of more than 8000W, please communicate with customer service for customization. 1000W-3000W inverters are recommended for ships, carports, toilets, and small-area systems.

Battery Input Line Configuration

                MODEL           DC 500W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W 8000W
12V 10㎟ 16㎟  ——   ——   ——   ——   ——   ——   ——
24V   ——   —— 16㎟ 16㎟ 25㎟   ——   ——   ——   ——
48V   ——   ——   ——   ——   —— 16㎟ 25㎟ 25㎟ 35㎟

AC110V  Input and Output Wire Configuration

              MODEL   LINE 500W 110VAC 1000W 110VAC 1500W 110VAC 2000W 110VAC 3000W 110VAC 4000W 110VAC 5000W 110VAC 6000W 110VAC 8000W 110VAC
L-IN ≥1㎟ ≥2㎟ ≥3㎟ ≥4㎟ ≥6㎟ ≥8㎟ ≥10㎟ ≥12㎟ ≥16㎟
N-IN ≥1㎟ ≥2㎟ ≥3㎟ ≥4㎟ ≥6㎟ ≥8㎟ ≥10㎟ ≥12㎟ ≥16㎟
Ground Wire ≥1㎟ ≥2㎟ ≥3㎟ ≥4㎟ ≥6㎟ ≥8㎟ ≥10㎟ ≥12㎟ ≥16㎟
L-OUT ≥1㎟ ≥2㎟ ≥3㎟ ≥4㎟ ≥6㎟ ≥8㎟ ≥10㎟ ≥12㎟ ≥16㎟
N-OUT ≥1㎟ ≥2㎟ ≥3㎟ ≥4㎟ ≥6㎟ ≥8㎟ ≥10㎟ ≥12㎟ ≥16㎟

AC220V  Input and Output Wire Configuration

              MODEL   LINE 500W 200VAC 1000W 220VAC 1500W 220VAC 2000W 220VAC 3000W 220VAC 4000W 220VAC 5000W 220VAC 6000W 220VAC 8000W 220VAC
L-IN ≥0.5㎟ ≥1㎟ ≥1.5㎟ ≥2㎟ ≥3㎟ ≥4㎟ ≥5㎟ ≥6㎟ ≥10㎟
N-IN ≥0.5㎟ ≥1㎟ ≥1.5㎟ ≥2㎟ ≥3㎟ ≥4㎟ ≥5㎟ ≥6㎟ ≥10㎟
Ground Wire ≥0.5㎟ ≥1㎟ ≥1.5㎟ ≥2㎟ ≥3㎟ ≥4㎟ ≥5㎟ ≥6㎟ ≥10㎟
L-OUT ≥0.5㎟ ≥1㎟ ≥1.5㎟ ≥2㎟ ≥3㎟ ≥4㎟ ≥5㎟ ≥6㎟ ≥10㎟
N-OUT ≥0.5㎟ ≥1㎟ ≥1.5㎟ ≥2㎟ ≥3㎟ ≥4㎟ ≥5㎟ ≥6㎟ ≥10㎟
Model 500W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W 8000W
Rated Power 500W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W 6000W 8000W
Input Voltage AC165-275V  /   85-135V
Frequency 40-65HZ
Output Voltage 220/230/240V(110/115/120V)Adjustable
Frequency 50HZ-60HZ Adjustable
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
THD ≤3%
Efficiency ≥80%
Battery Type Optional
Rated Voltage DC12V DC24V DC48V
Charging Current 0-30A Optional
Protection Over Temperature / Over Load / Battery Discharge Voltage / Battery Over Voltage / AC Input High Voltage / Low Voltage Protection
Operating Mode Normal, Energy Saving
Transfer Time ≤10ms
On Load Capacity 100%-120% 30s Protection, 125%-140% 15s Protection, ≥150% 5s Protection
Operating Range Temp 0℃-50℃
Humidity 10%-90% (No Condensing)
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Our distributors have always trusted us, we guarantee quality, provide certificates, and smile service. His customers also like our products very much.More features Voltage and Frequency Adjustable voltage and Frequency,Customers could set one from 110V/115V/120V ( 220V/230V/240V) could choose 50Hz or 60Hz Remote control Support RS232 data coomunication and remote controller (max 100meters)
Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Inverter & Charger
Power frequency
Solar power stations, off-grid systems, home photovoltaic systems
Rated Power:
CE,ISO 9001,ISO 14001
2 Years
Output waveform:
Pure Sine Wave
Battery Rated Voltage:
Digital display
Operation Temperature:
-0 to 50C

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