M-LFP48V 50Ah-Vmaxpower built-in BMS system Lithium battery

Lithium battery is not only a very important part of solar energy system, but also an essential power source in our daily life.  

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3years, 10 Years
Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, BOATS, SUBMARINES, Electric Bicycles/Scooters, Electric Power Systems, Solar Energy Storage Systems, Solar power system
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Vmaxpower lithium battery48V 50Ah
CE ISO9001
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Air-Conditioners,refrigerators,water pumps,TV,Light ,Fans and others
LED LCD Digital Display
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LiFePO4, Li-Ion
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Product Description 48V 50Ah Lithium Battery

lithium iron phosphate battery pack for solar energy storage system. The battery pack is managed by the BMS in series and then protects the battery from overcharging, over discharging, overcurrent short circuit, over temperature, etc.; and the monomer equalization function is added to ensure the consistency of the battery during use; Through the communication function, the parameters such as battery voltage and remaining capacity can be monitored in real time; the control function can be added according to customer requirements to meet the product requirements of customers. At the same time, the single battery adopts the advanced battery production process, which has the characteristics of good consistency, high specific energy and long life, safety and reliability, and wide temperature range.

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Each module is equipped with an independent BMS system.Safe lithium iron phosphate battery cellStandard design with helpful pulling ear Quick stacking6000 cycles, 20 years design lifeCompact size and light weightTUV CE IE62619 IEC 62040 UN38.3 CECTemperature protection Short circuit protection Reverse connection protection RS485 communication Dry contact Remote monitoring function♦Battery pack over-voltage protection Battery over voltage protection Over current protection Battery pack under-voltage protection Battery under-voltage protection Discharge over-current protection  
Nominal charateristic
NominalVoltage/V 48
NominalCapacity/Ah(35℃,0.2C) ≥50
Mechanical characteristic
Weight(approximate)/kg 31±0.3
Dimension L*W*H/MM 442*440*135
Terminal M6
Electrical characteristic
Voltage window/V 42 to 54
Flot charge voltage/V 51.8
Max. continue charge current/A 50
Max. continue discharge current/A 50
Max. Pulse discharge current/A 55A for 30s
Discharging Cut-off voltage/V 42
Operating conditions
Cycle life(+35℃ 0.2C 80%DOD) >4500 Cycles
Operating temperature Discharge -20℃ to 60℃  Charge 0℃ to 60℃
Storage temperature 0 to 30℃
Storage duration 12 months at 25℃
Safety standard UN38.3,GB-EMC
M-LFP48V 50Ah
Discharge constant current(Amperes at 77° F,35℃)
Eon Point Volts/Cell 0.1C 0.2C 0.5C 1C
Time Hours
46.5  10.50  5.21  2.03  0.91 
45.0  10.73  5.33  2.08  1.03 
43.5  10.88  5.41  2.15  1.06 
42.0  10.96  5.46  2.17  1.08 

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