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Compared with other cleaning robots on the market, this solar panel cleaning robot has the characteristics of lightweight, long life, intelligent APP controller, brush adjustment and maintenance more convenient, and is favored by users.  

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   Solar panel cleaning robot Pollutants and dusk on panels are believed to reduce maximum 30% of the solar power, this is big problem to cause much loss around the world. MULTIFIT is dedicated to working the cleaning solution for years. Now our robot is updating to be of second generation, less weight, higher efficiency, more functions.The system is equipped with water cleaning into two modes of anhydrous cleaning. Own power supply system: self-charging, convenient and efficient, solar power charging, independent power supply, battery life of 6-8 hours.
Product Features 1. Excellent performance: lithium battery, brushless motor, durable. 2. Automatic operation: automatic start and stop, automatic return, adaptive. 3. Light weight: no more than 40kg, easy to handle. 4. Long range: 800M. 5. Efficient cleaning: special brush, cleaner, single machine can clean 1.2MWp per day. 6. High cost performance: low cost, fast return. 7. Modular design: widely applicable to a variety of array layout, easy to install.  Cleaning Robot Product Testing  Product advantages and product performance comparison The second generation cleaning robot has more advantages than the robots on the market in terms of performance, product design, intelligent control, etc., such as portability, long life, intelligent APP controller, and easy to disassemble, install, adjust and maintain brushes.

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HQ located in Beijing, China and founded in 2009 Our factory located in 3/F,JieSi Bldg.,6 Keji West Road,Hi-Tech Zone,Shantou,Guangdong,China.

Multifit was founded in 2009...

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Warranty The solar panel cleaning robot has a 2-year limited product warranty. Can be customized according to customer needs (solar panel size)I use solar panels to clean the robot. I don’t need to hold a brush or cloth, nor do I need to follow it. The APP small program cleans directly, and it cleans automatically in heavy rain. Placing the solar cleaning robot on the solar panel requires manpower, which is not much manpower, which reduces my expenditure
Technical Data Model Number
MULR1650 MULR1950 MULR1650-2 MULR1950-2 MULR990 MULR990-2 MULR990-3
Module Length(mm) 1650(1640) 1950(1960) 1650(1640)*2 1950(1960)*2 990(992) 990(992)*2 990(992)*3
Obstacle crossing ability (mm) 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
Traveling distance(m) 0-800 0-800 0-800 0-800 0-800 0-800 0-800
Traveling speed(m/min) 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20 15-20
Generator Power(W) 90W 90W 90W 90W 90W 90W 90W
Weight of machine(Kg) 35.5 38.7 72 75 29 35 45
Width of machine(mm) 340 340 340 340 340 340 340
Height of machine(mm) 300 300 300 300 300 300 300
Length of machine(mm) 2020 2330 3690 4310 1360 2370 3380
Water Used Per Hour 270L/H (0.3mpa) 270L/H (0.3mpa) 330L/H (0.3mpa) 330L/H (0.3mpa) 210L/H (0.3mpa) 270L/H (0.3mpa) 330L/H (0.3mpa)
Solar Panel(W) 40W
Battery Capacity(Ah) 24V/10Ah(MULR*2 is 20AH)
Working Time(Hours) 8-10 Hours
Brush Life(Years) 2-3 Years
Ambient Temperature ~40℃-70℃
Cleaning Mode Dry Cleaning
Cleaning way One time/Many times/The Rubbing
Other special functions Speed control of forward and reverse
Optional Configuration The bridge device
Water washing device
The wireless remote controller/Mini APP of Wechat

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