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Lithium Battery 48V 40Ah battery pack    

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Solar Battery 48V 40AH Lithium Battery
Nominal charateristic
NominalVoltage/V 48
NominalCapacity/Ah(35℃,0.2C) ≥40
Mechanical characteristic
Weight(approximate)/kg 20±0.3
Dimension L*W*H/MM 442*350*88
Terminal M6
Electrical characteristic
Voltage window/V 42 to 54
Flot charge voltage/V 51.8
Max. continue charge current/A 30
Max. continue discharge current/A 35
Max. Pulse discharge current/A 40A for 30s
Discharging Cut-off voltage/V 42
Operating conditions
Cycle life(+35℃ 0.2C 80%DOD) >4500 Cycles
Operating temperature Discharge -20℃ to 60℃ Charge 0℃ to 60℃
Storage temperature 0 to 30℃
Storage duration 12 months at 25℃
Safety standard  
M-LFP48V 40Ah
Discharge constant current(Amperes at 77° F,35℃)
Eon Point Volts/Cell 0.1C 0.2C 0.5C 1C
Time Hours
46.5  9.85  5.01  2.01  1.10 
45.0  10.05  5.13  2.06  1.16 
43.5  10.16  50.20  2.10  1.18 
Quick Details
3months-1year, 2 Years
Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Electric Power Systems, Solar Energy Storage Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Battery Size:
Brand Name:
CE/ISO 9001/RoHs, CE/RoHS/ISO 9001/ISO 14001
Model Number:
M-LFP48V 40Ah
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Sealed Type:
Maintenance Type:
Battery type:
Deep cycle
Lithium battery
Lithium battery M-LFP series is suitable for communication equipment as back up batteries. It has not only high power density, small size, long serve life, but also resistance to high temperature, fast charging and discharging, and modular design.General Features of Battery 1.Reliable quality: We focus on the various parts of production, from suppliers’ selection to the production of phosphate material, lithium battery cell production and assembly of battery packs, to make sure the traceability of the products. 2.Long cycle time: Provide 10 times longer cycle life than lead acid battery. Help to minimize replacement cost and reduce total cost of ownership. 3.Higher power: Deliver twice power with higher dischargerate compared with lead acid battery. It also can sustain higher charge current and limit the charge time. 4.Lighter weight: It’s only 50% of the lead-acid batter weight. A drop in replacement for lead acid battery. 5.Wider temperaturerange : -20℃-60℃. 6.Super safety: Lithium Iron phosphate chemistry eliminates the risk of explosion or combustiondue to high impact, overcharged or short circuit situation. 7.Environment friendly: Lithium battery materials do not have any poisonous and harmfulsubstances whether in production or in use. Now it has beenwidely acceptedby more and more countries.Applications         

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Note: We can ship our battery to lots countries, if you don't see the corresponding shipping method to your destination on the product page, feel free to contact with us, we will give you the best logistic quatation.1.Earthing terminal 2.Positive and negtive 3.Communication interface(RJ45-RS485) 4.Communication interface(RJ45-RS485) 5.Address number(ID) 6.Alarm light(ALM) 7.Run light(RUN) 8.Reset system(Reset) 9.Switch(ON/OFF)

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• Emergency lighting• Power Plants • Golf Cart • Emergency Power System/UPS system     • Solar and wind systems • Marine Equipment • Telecommunications• Wheelchair • Medical Devices • Military Equipment

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