Vmaxpower MU-SPS15KW Off Grid Complete Solar Energy Systems Solar Panel Power System

Off-grid photovoltaic power generation system is widely used in remote mountainous areas, no power areas, islands, communication base stations and street lights and other application places.


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Beijing, China
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Solar Panel Type:
Monocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon
Battery Type:
Lead-Acid & Lithium Battery
Controller Type:
MPPT, MPPT solar charge controller
Mounting Type:
Ground Mounting, Roof Mounting, Carport Mounting
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15KW Off-grid Solar Energy System
Solar Energy Systems Style:
Off Grid Solar Power System
Output wave:
Pure Sine Wave Solar System
Battery Capacity:
GEL Battery 12V 200AH
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Home Application
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Complete Technical Support
Serve life:
25 Years 350w Solar Panel
The 15kw photovoltaic square array converts the solar energy into electric energy under the condition of illumination, and supplies power to the load through the solar-controlled inverter integrated machine, and charges the battery group at the same time;When there is no light, the battery supplies power to the solar-controlled inverter and then to the AC load. VMAXPOWER congratulates Jamaican customer on completion
Model No. System Capacity Solar Module Solar Controller Inverter Battery 12V/200Ah Installation Area Recommended Load
Power Quantity
MU-SPS3KW 3000W 350W 9 24V 80A 24V 3000W 8 20m2 3000W
MU-SPS5KW 5000W 350W 15 48V 60A*2 48V 5000W 16 30m2 5000W
MU-SPS8KW 8000W 350W 23 48V 60A*3 48V 8000W 32 46m2 8000W
MU-SPS10KW 10000W 350W 35 96V 60A*2 96V 10000W 64 70m2 10000W
MU-SPS15KW 15000W 350W 43 96V 60A*3 96V 15000W 128 86m2 15000W
MU-SPS20KW 20000W 350W 57 240V 100A 240V 20000W Designed according to user 114m2 20000W
MU-SPS30KW 30000W 350W 86 240V 80A*2 240V 30000W Designed according to user 172m2 30000W
Module No. PV Conbiner Box Photovotaic Distribution Box Bracket Photovotaic cable Accessories Battery racket
MU-SPS3KW --- --- 9*6m C type steel 12m MC4 connector C type steel connecting bolt and screw Optional
MU-SPS5KW --- Can be equipped with lighting surge protector; Grounding copper bar 18*6m C type steel 24m
MU-SPS8KW --- 24*6m C type steel 38m
MU-SPS10KW 4 String 31*6m C type steel 48m
MU-SPS15KW 4 String 36*6m C type steel 50m
MU-SPS20KW 6 String Design according to user requirement 70m
MU-SPS30KW 10 String Design according to user requirement 100m
Remark: (lighting protection grounding) connection between modules and mounting breakets, mounting breakets and mounting parts and mounting parts, grounding point and lighting protection point, all that shall be designed specifically and calculated separatedly.This is the best day of the past month. I have a 5 kW Chinese solar system, which is a new system. But the maximum power I got so far is 3.9KW...not bad. But this is not the ideal state, why?Let's take a look at this picture,The shadow on the panels you see is the tree with the rising sun behind the camera. The shadow of the tree occupies 80% of the solar panel area. It is this shadow that caused the power generation efficiency of my new system to not reach the power I wanted. MULTIFIT: It is recommended to stay away from shadows, shading objects, etc., so that the power generation rate will be high.1. Work with you for information necessary to verify the system power you actually needs; 2. Manufacture all systems parts in good quality and cost based on the confirmed terms; 3. Customize the solar system to meet your installation site, especially for the supporting structures; 4. Provide the system installation guides after the system arrive; 5. 5 year system warranty under normal operation; 6. On line technical support to any possible problem after system installation.

Built- -in BMS with over-charge, over-discharge,over-temperature, over-current protection etc,compatible with standard telecom and energystorage system RS485 communication port Fast charging, charging rate available Good high temperature performance

Peak Power Watts: 350W (MUL-350P-72) Maximum Power Voltage: 38.9V Maximum Power Current: 9.26A Open Circuit Voltage: 48.3V Short Circuit Current: 9.68A Dimensions:1950×992×40 mm

Rated Output Power: 15KW Input Voltage: Three-phase four-wire system+ground wire 380V±20% Switching Time: Switching from the mains supply mode to the battery mode 50ms, Switching from the battery mode to the mains supply mode 25ms

Applicable for outdoor PV system Wide DC voltage input range with maximum open-circuit voltage up to 1000V, With PV dedicated high voltage lightning protection device, Monitoring feature optional for each sting of PV array box. SPD Lighting Protection

Cross Section: 4mm2, 6mm2 Optional Rated Voltage:/1000VDC/1500VDC Rated Current: 55A,70A Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional. Lifetime:≤25 Years

There are four types of bracket installing. Weight:18.6 kg (41.0 lbMounting Rail & Rail Splice Kit: AI6005 & SUS304 Bolt. Mid & End Clamps: 35,40,45,50mm We will provide a sturdy bracket according to your needs

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