Vmaxpower MU-SPS20KW Off Grid Inverter Charging Solar Energy System

The off-grid PV system is composed of solar module, solar array box, solar charge controller, battery bank, solar inverter distribution box.  

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5YEARS, 25 Years Life Time
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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
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Home, Commercial, Industrial
Solar Panel Type:
Monocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon
Battery Type:
Lead-Acid, Lithium Ion
Controller Type:
Mounting Type:
Ground Mounting, Roof Mounting, Carport Mounting,BIPV Mounting
Load Power (W):
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Pre-sales project design:
Product name:
Off-grid Solar Power System
Combiner box:
Anti-lighting Function
Mounting type:
6m C type steel
Solar panel:
Monocrystalline Silico
Battery :
Lead Acid Battery or Lithium Battery
AC output:
AC output:
Home  Power System
Technical Support:
Complete Technical Support
1. Work with you for information necessary to verify the system power you actually needs; 2. Manufacture all systems parts in good quality and cost based on the confirmed terms; 3. Customize the solar system to meet your installation site, especially for the supporting structures; 4. Provide the system installation guides after the system arrive; 5. 5 year system warranty under normal operation; 6. On line technical support to any possible problem after system installation.

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Batteries have high requirements for transportation.Be sure to give the goods before signing, if it is broken before signing, please contact us in time. For questions about sea transportation, air transportation and road transportation, please consult us.

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Model No. System Capacity Solar Module Solar Controller Inverter Battery 12V/200Ah Installation Area Recommended Load
Power Quantity
MU-SPS3KW 3000W 350W 9 24V 80A 24V 3000W 8 20m2 3000W
MU-SPS5KW 5000W 350W 15 48V 60A*2 48V 5000W 16 30m2 5000W
MU-SPS8KW 8000W 350W 23 48V 60A*3 48V 8000W 32 46m2 8000W
MU-SPS10KW 10000W 350W 35 96V 60A*2 96V 10000W 64 70m2 10000W
MU-SPS15KW 15000W 350W 43 96V 60A*3 96V 15000W 128 86m2 15000W
MU-SPS20KW 20000W 350W 57 240V 100A  240V 20000W Designed according to user 114m2 20000W
MU-SPS30KW 30000W 350W 86 240V 80A*2 240V 30000W Designed according to user 172m2 30000W
    TIP1: It is recommended to stay away from shadows, shading objects, etc., so that the power generation rate will be high.What is the area of the installation? How much power do you want to carry? According to the provided area, the largest array of photovoltaic systems can be arranged. Provide the system installation guides after the system arrive.

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TIP2: When you use the panel must be facing the direction of the sun at 12 o 'clock, the panel and the ground into 30-45 degrees, do not put the board flat on the ground, such electricity generation is very low.Solar Module Photons hitting the battery's surface are absorbed, creating pairs of electron holes. The electron hole pairs are separated by a built - in electric field, resulting in an electric potential at both ends of the PN junction. Connect PN with wires to form the current. The load is connected at both ends of the solar cell to realize the conversion of light energy to electric energy. Inverter Inverter is a kind of device that converts the DIRECT current generated by photovoltaic power generation into alternating current. Photovoltaic inverter is one of the important system balance in photovoltaic array system. Frequency tracking, phase-phase-locking voltage stabilization, noise filering and prevention of impact by fluctuation of the power grid realized in output go the inverter. The best power supply guarantee for the loading equipment of users contributed by a full digital vector control technology based on real-time processing by DSP, MCU and DDC    Lithium Battery  During the day, the sun shines on the PHOTOVOLTAIC module, generating DC voltage, converting the light energy into electric energy, and then transmitting to the controller. After the controller's overcharge protection, the electricity from the photovoltaic module is transmitted to the lithpo4 battery , so as to be used when needed, or power household appliances directly.Strength to build photovoltaic systems The 20KW photovoltaic power generation system occupies about 114 square meters of area, and is installed on the roof of residential areas. The converted electric energy can be connected to the Internet and used for household appliances through inverter. And it is suitable for urban high-rise, multi-storey buildings, Liandong villas, rural houses, etc.Vmaxpower & Multifit Domestic & International Trademark280768 Stock Exchange 2009 Multifit Establish10+ Years in Solar Industry 80+ Countries Export20+ CE Certificates 20+ Patents

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